Friday, April 30, 2010

dollar barber shop

i was raised by a barber...a good one.  my pops is the barber that teaches barbers how to be barbers; so i know a good cut.  they're hard to find.  and near impossible for 5 dollars.  thank god for this place.
the dollar barber shop is managing to pull off the "old-school barber shop" feel that spots in new york and san fransisco are trying to duplicate now...without the effort.   the interior is an eclectic mix of garage-sale-finds that works; a mash-up of mid-century modern and old-school classroom furniture.  even the cutting chairs are mismatched in a good way.  and then there's greg.  he's the guy that made me a loyal customer.  i like my cuts high and tight, and greg wields a pair of clippers like an artist.  it took me years to find him, and i'm still hesitant to share him.  he's that good.

i chatted with the owner, who told me that when they opened, cuts were just $2...then $3...then $4...and now $5.  so, basically, this place is inflation-proof.  drop in and get the cheapest cool-barber-shop experience salt lake's got.  dollar barber shop.  679 south 700 east, salt lake city.  801.532.9177.


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